Club President: JD Sutphin

Vice President: Josh Uriarte

Treasurer: Michael Lose

Secretary: Grant Miller


Mike Saunders – Head Coach/Backs Coach

As a player:
1978 – Started playing rugby at the U.S. Naval academy
1982 – Joined OMBAC rugby in San Diego
1983-1993 – Became captain of OMBAC. Won 1 Sevens National Title, 4 15s National Title
1986 – Started playing for U.S. National Team
1988-1991 – 12 Caps. Captain of the U.S. National Team, including 1988 Soviet Tour

As a coach:
1993-Present – Head Coach for Snake River Rugby
2007-2008 – Head Coach of the Pacific Coast Grizzlies
2008 – Backs Coach for the USA Falcons

Favorite thing about coaching: I really love coaching Snake River, the guys are committed and great to be around. Most importantly the key to our success has been how we play for each other. I really want us to play an expansive game, where each player understands his role and what to expect of his teammates.

Phil Bartle – Team Manager

As a player:
1995 – started playing rugby for Snake River
1996 – Division II National Champions Snake River
1997- Division II Final 4 for Snake River
1998-Division II Sweet 16 for Snake River
2002-Division II Sweet 16 for Snake River
2003-represented USA (old boys) at the World Rugby Classic in Bermuda, played against Argentina & Canada
2003-Division II runner up National Champion (2nd place) for Tempe Old Devils.

As a coach:
2006 – present   Forwards coach for Snake River Rugby
2010 – Division II Final Four

2011 – became certified Referee
2011 – Board Member of Rugby Idaho
I played football at Boise State.  Started 3 years at Strong Safety.  But I didn’t start playing rugby until I was 30 years old (1995.)  I have played every position, except Hooker.  I enjoy coaching the forwards at Snake River.  I emphasize staying low, stay on your feet,  and being aggressive…but smart.

My favorite moment as a player:  Winning the Division II National Championship 1996.

My favorite moment as a coach:  A forward coming up to me after we lost in the Pacific Coast playoffs and thanking me for teaching him to become a better rugby player.